Johnny B.

  As a personal trainer, Johnny B. believes his goal is not just to "tell" the client what to do but to "teach" them how and why.  He  has found that the more educated the client is on their personal fitness the more efficient and effective the workouts become. The secret to real fitness change is more than just a workout plan, its about a lifestyle change.  By helping his clients adhere to their personally designed program through accountability, their levels of self efficacy will strengthen resulting in smart choices being made not only during workouts, but outside the gym as well which is where most clients fail.  We need to take that extrinsic motivational energy and turn that focus into intrinsic motivators and excel.  We need to not focus on a particular body image but on the work that particular body is able to do and the image will follow.  

No excuses. No quitting. Just be RELENTLESS!!

Owner of Relentless PT

Over 10 years personal training experience

Spent 2 years as head personal trainer for UFC Gym

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Nutrition Specialist

ACE Functional Mobility and Training Specialist

Relentless Performance Life Coach